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Buffalo video slot comprises free spins and adjustable paylines to help win a progressive jackpot. This video slot by Aristocrat Leisure has a 94.85% RTP, 5 reels, 4 rows, and 1024 ways to win. It is a low volatile game with a minimum of 1c per spin and a maximum of 50$. Practice by playing a free demo to create a winning strategy. Its features include bull, eagle, tiger, wolf, deer, and card symbols. The game’s highlight is free spin rounds. Playing on 5 reels activates all paylines giving a 300x original bet. A gold scatters symbol triggers free spins and gives a 20x stake when landing 5 on a payline. A game also offers to multiply wilds during free spins represented by the sunset symbol.








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Buffalo Pokie From Aristocrat

Buffalo pokie, developed by Aristocrat, is a 5-reel low volatility game with 4 symbols on each reel. The maximum bet size available is $400 – allowing for a wide range of bet sizes. With an RTP of 94.85%, expect a significant return for every bet he places. Game technology is HTML 5. This improved technology renders it consistent across different mobile devices. Furthermore, it is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, tablets, and Windows phones. As an instant-play game, it operates on “No download, no registration” policy. This implies that no download is required to play games online. Also, registration of an account is not necessary to access a game.

Overview of Buffalo Pokie

In this game, choose a coin denomination of anywhere from $0.01 to $2. This exciting pokie game offers a considerably high payout. There are 1024 ways to win. Irrespective of their position on a reel, symbols pay from left to right. Buffalo symbol, of course, pays the maximum. This stacked symbol may appear many times on the same reel. To play, make a bet per spin within the range of 1 cent to $1.25. An implication wagering on a maximum reels number, a corresponding bet range, will be 40 cents – $50. To set the number of spins, use an autoplay option and automatically wager up to 25.

The surest way of winning big is to land 3 matching symbols on the same reel, and the symbol with the biggest win is buffalo. This pay as high as 300Γ— original stake. Apart from the buffalo symbol, eagles and cougars also provide great wins. They can offer 150Γ— multipliers on an original stake. Furthermore, the game’s wild is a sunset symbol. Like many 5-reel games, wild can replace any symbols except the scatter symbol, represented by a gold coin symbol. A wild only appears in the second, third, and fourth reels. Scatter, however, does not need to land on any particular position. As long as they land on a screen, they provide 20Γ— of a stake.

For any winning hand, there is a gamble feature. For small winning hands, it provides a low-risk option that could potentially increase winnings. If spin results in a win, a gamble button appears, and to gamble, click the button. Like other online pokies, this game runs on a complicated RNG, which makes it herculean for players to predict or manipulate a game. Maximize chances to win by wagering on all reels and placing a reasonable deposit preventing bankruptcy if lost. Since a system requires placing a bigger bet after a loss, a win makes win back all lost money (in a losing streak). Also, Before playing the Buffalo pokie game, ensure a full understanding of paytables and win mechanisms. Before winning, make sure to use low-reel bets. Also, keep an eye on a gambling feature for small winnings.

How to win a jackpot? Winning this non-progressive Jackpot is difficult and uncommon. However, this is possible only when hitting many buffalo symbols on reels 1 and 2 with all 3 multipliers that could trigger an elusive jackpot.

Paytables: The Bonus Symbols and RTP

As expected, Buffalo is the highest-paying symbol. Hitting this symbol offers the chance to win a jackpot. These bonus symbols paytable and their winning combination is given below:

  1. Buffalo: getting 5 Buffalo symbols, the stake is multiplied by 300; for 4 symbols β€” a stake is multiplied by 100; for 3 symbols occur β€” by 50x; for 2 β€” multiplied by 10.
  2. Eagle: when 5 symbols occur, a stake is multiplied by 150; When 4 symbols occur, a stake is multiplied by 100; When 3 occur, a stake is multiplied by 50.
  3. Tiger: 5 tigers occur, get 150x multiplier; When 4 occur, get 100x multiplier; When 3 occur, get 50x multiplier.
  4. Wolf: when 5 wolves occur, get 120x multiplier; When 4 occur, get 100x multiplier; When 3 occur, get 50x multiplier.
  5. Deer: when 5 of these symbols occur, get a 120x multiplier; When 4 occur, get an 80x multiplier; When 3 occur, get a 20Γ— multiplier.
  6. Letters A and K: when 5 of these symbols occur, a stake is multiplied by 100; When 4 symbols occur, a stake is multiplied by 50; When 3 symbols occur, a stake is multiplied by 10.
  7. Letters Q and J: when 5 symbols occur, get 100x multiplier; When 4 occur, get 20x multiplier; When 3 occur, get 5x multiplier.
  8. Number 10: when 5 of these symbols occur, get a 100x multiplier; When 4 occur, get a 10x multiplier; When 3 symbols occur, get a 5x multiplier.
  9. Number 9: when 5 of these symbols occur, get a 100x multiplier; When 4 symbols occur, get a 10x multiplier; When 3 symbols occur, get a 5x multiplier; When 2 symbols occur, get a 2x multiplier.
  10. Scatter: when 5 of these symbols occur, get a 20x multiplier; When 4 symbols occur, get a 10x multiplier; When 3 occur, get a 2x multiplier.

As seen above, only a buffalo symbol and number 9 offers a multiplier when landing 2 of on reels. When scatter appears, free spins bonus round is activated.

Winning Combinations

Winning combinations in this game are played from left to right and are paid as multipliers of a wager on a per-reel basis.Β  When 3 or more scatter symbols appear on reels, win 8 or more spin bonuses. When a wild symbol appears on reels, get rewarded with 27x multipliers on a free-spin win. A free spin round uses an unchanged reel. This comes with added properties – a bonus round – not shown in a base game. Two scatters (gold coin) win 5 free spins. Also, a wild can win a 2x or 3x multiplier. There is a retriggering of a bonus round where 3+ scatters land on reels. When a bonus stage begins, a distinctive sound effect is heard. When wild hits, a screeching sound of an eagle will appear. Get rewarded with 2x or 3x multipliers for each wild. When hitting multiple wilds, get the biggest win. Since wilds work together, getting 2 of 3x multipliers will yield a 9x bonus. Indeed, if a third 3x wildlands, get 27x multipliers of the amount written on a paytable. Buffalo pokie also comprises a wild symbol and gambling mechanism for different winning hands. These features also maximize winning chances.

  1. Wild symbol: sunset represents this symbol. As mentioned earlier, it can substitute other symbols except for gold coins.
  2. Gamble mechanism: this feature offers a low-risk scenario that significantly improves winning chances. When a win results from a spin, a gamble option appears. Then, click “gamble” button to go further.

This option takes to another game place where some options and a take-win button are shown. Continue with a game even after taking winnings. Try to multiply winnings by picking one of the colors: red cards, black cards, hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. By picking the right color combinations, the total win is doubled. However, a win gets quadrupled immediately if the proper color suits are picked. The maximum number of times to gamble winnings on this card game 5 times. Players often get enticed to continue staking a wager on their winnings, but this winning streak will ultimately end. They consider gambling their little winnings. If they win, this can grow. However, they lose to some extent in the overall view. This adds a level of gameplay and strategy to Buffalo pokie. Casinos offer other bonuses not part of this game’s bonus features. These will be explained as follows:

  1. Buffalo Gold Pokie. For Buffalo Gold pokie, place a bet with just 40 cents per spin. During a bonus round, it is possible to gather wins. While Buffalo pokie offers a free spin bonus game, Buffalo Gold offers a collection bonus game. Collect Gold Buffalo coins, which can then be converted into Jackpot symbols for a game. This significantly increases winning big chances. Likewise, when collecting 3 or more scatters, receive up to 20 free games, which offer free bonuses. 3 scatters give 8 free games. 4 scatters get 15 free games. 5 scatters get maximum 20 free games. Also, an appearance of a wild is limited to reels 2, 3, and 4. Wild 2Γ— and 3Γ— multipliers can land within bonus games. Furthermore, to win a jackpot, the ultimate prize, land all 15 golden buffalo.
  2. Buffalo Stampede.Β For a new player, it might look similar to an original version. This is because so many real Buffalo pokie features are included: wilds, scatters, and free bonus games. Place a minimum bet of 70 cents per spin – of course, which is relatively high. In this version, a buffalo symbol charges. This renders it quite exciting to play. Much like an original game, this version offers the chance to retrigger free spin bonus round. It requires just scatters and wilds to do so.
  3. Buffalo Grand. Buffalo Grand offers something different from other versions. Firstly, find its real-life cabinet in different casinos all around the globe. Also, the graphics are fantastic, giving a feeling of playing in an actual casino. Animals seen on reels are buffalo, wolves, deer, mountain lions, and eagles. Asides from these animals, discover a range of playing card symbols from 9 to A. When landing gold coin scatter in multiples of 3, 4, and 5, get 8, 15, and 20 free spins, respectively – much like an original version. Amazingly, retriggering of free spins round is possible with 3 or more scatters. Aside from this, a Buffalo Grand feature wheel bonus leads to a jackpot round of a spinning wheel. These wheels enable players to get free spins or start one of the jackpots. Buffalo Grand is available on several devices: Android, tablets, Windows phones, and PCs. “Play now” button can redirect to online casino sites, and they offer a chance to play for money once registration has been completed. Check laws related to online gambling in the country before clicking the “play now” button.
  4. Buffalo Diamond. Buffalo Diamond uniquely combines similar properties to boost bonus count effectively. Its features are quite similar to those of Buffalo Grand. There is a separate increase in free spins for every bet as collecting diamonds on the fifth reel. These are accompanied by multipliers and can be accessed through a wheel bonus. A Diamond configuration of reels is a 4-5-6-5-4 arrangement, which improves the chances of a big Buffalo win.

The wheel bonus games not only award free bonus games but also offer jackpots. However, “grand jackpot” is only possible if placing the maximum bet of $4 for a spin. In a free spins bonus game, wild multipliers can be won on the center’s reels. Also, there is a chance to get an overall multiplier – much like the original Buffalo games. Again, retriggering of free spins is possible with gold coins. Two coins are needed to win 5 extra spins. Below the reels are lists of free spins for every bet level.

There are three diamonds on the 5th reel. Anytime a player lands one of the numbers, free spins multiplier increases by one. Now, the occurrence of this is independent of winning them. Buffalo Diamond works well with a wheel bonus. To initiate this, three or more bonus wheel gold coins are needed anywhere on a reel. Additionally, sunset wilds offer a multiplier that manifests after the spin is completed. Progressive free spins also possess a multiplier that can add to total wins by a multiple of 4.

Play Buffalo Pokie for Real Money

Buffalo pokie can either be played for free or for real money. New players are advised to play for free before placing a deposit to get acquainted with rules and strategies involved in playing the game. However, a free version does not have any reward for a player. Playing for real money can be interesting. To start playing this game, take the following steps:

  • Choose and visit any online casino on the internet.
  • Register an account with this casino
  • Then, make a deposit.
  • Continue playing without any download and keep staking wager.

There are hundreds of online casinos that are available on the internet. Choose one, and visit them. Get an understanding casino’s terms and conditions before making a deposit. Then, register an account. This involves tendering personal data. On successful registration, then place a bet. To do this, pick a payment method to withdraw winnings. For most online casinos, payments can be made either by a Mastercard or Visa card. Playing with a huge money amount to make a wager isn’t necessary. Deposit as low as 1 cent – the minimum bet size – ensures that potential players are not discouraged from playing.

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